Cancellation of Wednesday Night Bible Class – 9/28/2016

Free Food Distribution at Oxon Hill Church of Christ – 9/28/2016
September 28, 2016

Cancellation of Wednesday Night Bible Class – 9/28/2016

The Leadership has decided to cancel our Wednesday evening services on 9/28. Additionally SRCOC has agreed to conduct the devotional on Tuesday evening 9/27 at the Gospel Meeting in Oxon Hill.

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  1. Frank Gilbert says:

    I love Edward Maxwell jr leading singing. I use him a lot to “call to Bible study” our group for my group study. Found him on pkteemax .com. He is clear, concise & sings with the spirit. Didn’t know his dad was minister but know they are proud for each other and the mother as well. May The Lord continue to bless all at Suitland Rd. We are a small congregation in Denton, TX. If ever near come by& say hi.

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